Thursday, 3 January 2013

More painting

Hello again,
Well I managed to get the exterior colour correct, it is now a lovely shade of turquoise and I’ve chosen colours for the inside which will be a sort of rich buttermilk yellow but oh dear... I had this huge dilemma with the furniture that comes with the caravan, I don’t want it lol. I have swapped it about and changed it and toyed with how I wanted the inside to look and have settled for the stove unit modified, the bed unit also modified and the benches that I will make top cushions for but the other big wall unit had to go because it just took over the place.  

At last a colout I'm happy with :)
Needs another coat of paint but I like it.

A longer shelf is needed.

I have decided that I will bring the shelf above the stove forward and have a wider edge so that I can properly tile around the stove.  On top I want a little metal guard so I can place ornaments there etc.  I need the cupboard to open and I want to be sure that the chimney reaches the roof when it is in place, I don’t want any gaps.  All these changes are down to my both personal taste and of course my research, I love to see how the real thing looks and take away ideas to use in miniature.

Still not made it to the shops to buy paint for the stove, I’ve been poorly-sick so had to stay in for a bit :(  still I’m getting on with orders and updates etc between headaches and feeling ‘ugh’ lol.

I got all my beads out last night so I could make a curtain and didn’t get any further haha, I wanted to make a pattern in the curtain but i may be pushing my luck here, perhaps stripes is a little easier because a pattersn would mean purchasing more beads, we shall see.  I had another thought too, I wondered if I should weave my own blankets and rugs... I’m surely getting ahead of myself but that’s me, a brain full of ideas that my hands may never get the time to make into tangible objects.  
Did some hand painting of the chicken cages and the rack for the back, it’s got a proper name but I can’t remember it, begins with a C I think, oh well... I used a sort of 'burgundy-red meets purple-dusk' colour, quite nice and then I tried my hand at the decoration with the thinnest brush on hand.  I gave that up and used a cocktail stick instead lol.  It looks fine but I also thought I might see how some printed images look too.  I still need them to look hand painted though, I’ll print some off and cut them out later and see if they look any better to me.  It could all still change into something else if I change my mind... hence I’ve used all matt colours so far as these are easier to sand down and paint over if need be, I’ll add varnish to the whole thing once I’m happy.

Look how the flash changes the colours in these pictures, will have to take the whole thing outside for proper pictures once its complete. 

With luck, next week will see me making some of the furnishings for the caravan so things will liven up then.  I also have a giveaway planned... well about four actually so I’ll get up details as soon as I can.

Big hugs
Gill xx 

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