Monday, 28 January 2013

Bead curtian and more painting...

Hello there, well the caravan project is running at a gentle pace.  Lately I’ve been mainly painting, gluing and modifying things and researching real size caravans of the same sort too.  Research forms a massive part of miniature creation.  I noted that most caravans have a closed off stove area, often with a tilled back and a mirror and sometimes a small shelf for ornaments above the stove, much like if it were a fireplace.  I’ll be doing the same in my caravan.  

I thought I’d show you first my efforts with my bead curtain that will sit over the doorway eventually.  After some time spent threading multi-coloured beads onto thread I decided two things, one there was too little weight so the beads did not drop down but instead they floated at strange angles and two, it didn’t look as ‘real’ as I wanted it to.  So I scrapped that and went with bugle beads, seed beads and cotton, this coupled with a slight unevenness gave me both a weighted curtain and one that had more possibility of looking real when in place.  

After I had threaded all of the beads on to cotton, using the doorway as a rough guide to size (there are around 14 strands to the curtain), I then attached the cottons to a cocktail stick which I will later paint.  This picture gives you a little idea of how it will look when in place.

 Around every corner there is a hurdle.  I was painting more sections of the caravan and began work on the windows only to find that the shutters are too big!  They are approximately (in my stickler for details opinion lol) about 1 half inch over size, or there about.  One covers the window, two over power the wall of the caravan, such a shame because I like the shape and they are the right height.  Happily, I found that when I pressed gently on the shutters, the side sections came off, making them just about the right size, fantastic! I painted these in the lovely buttermilk yellow that I am using for the wheels and undercarriage.  

As I said I’d been doing mostly painting and gluing but I have managed to make some wallpaper that I liked for the inside, it will hardly show once all the furniture in in place but I wanted something other than just paint as simple paint can be a little uninteresting and I want this caravan to be brimming with interest, so here is the wallpaper.

Inside you can see it is coming along and has great potential, nothing is glued in place yet as there is still a long way to go, I’m making the cupboard doors open etc so lots to do still and of course every inch will need some form of decoration but so far so good.
Next job will be adding detail to the outer shell. 

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Gill x


  1. Your caravan is looking fantastic. I love the stove area. I cant wait to see more.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Hola, pasa por mi blog que tengo un premio para ti.

  3. it looks amazing so far and the beaded curtain looks almost exactly like one we have in the garage just different colors. I wanted to let you know that i have had to rejoin your site a couple times im not sure why its like it boots me off. im not sure if others are having the same problem or not

    1. oh dear Tina, thats sounds a bit strange... never come across that problem before... naughty blogspot, hope it behaves itself in the future. Thanks for joining and re-joining, its good to see you here.
      Best wishes
      Gill :)

  4. Me encanta esa cortina, es perfecta para la caravana.
    besitos ascension