Monday, 11 February 2013

The roof and outer walls

Hello mini friends...
The caravan is coming along, on the outside at least.  I have made the roof now and although I did want windows up top like a real one, I chickened out due to lack of time and lack of skill in woodwork.  While I might be creative with many other mediums wood is not my thing and cutting such small windows out was not going to work for me so I gave in and decided to decorate the roof instead.  Not sure I am completely happy with my decision but I can still change it at a later date, but for now the roof is a lovely purply-red colour, very warm and deep.

Here are some pictures of the roof being created...

I wanted to make windows for this section of the roof but didn't in the end.

I needed more detail on the outer walls of the caravan so I added plastic strips, yes plastic!  I could not find wood in the sizes I wanted and as I say, I’m rubbish with wood work, perhaps if I had a proper workshop and tools it would be better but as you can see, the plastic works fine and not only that it was a bargain as it was in an ‘end of line’ sale so only cost £1 per pack! 

Anyway the plastic strips all in place and a coat of paint and its starting to look a lot more like I want it to.  Oh you remember I said I might use transfers instead of hand painting all the flowers, well I made transfers, finally after a bit of a kafuffle – needed spray varnish to make them, then my printer ran out of ink, then the printing went a little wrong – I guess these things happen to the best of us haha.  Anyway I didn’t want the transfers to look too clean or too perfect and they don’t!  Which is great news!  Have a look at the door, it’s got transfers on it and I’ve managed to make them look a bit worn so I’m happy.  It all adds to the overall effect.  

I want to get the summer bars and the wheels attached this week if possible then it will really only be the inside I have to work on.

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See you soon
Gill x


  1. Your caravan is gorgeous I love it. The flowers on the doors are beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  2. AH ah! you have given me your colour i can work on some advent swaps hehehehehe! hugs Gin xx

  3. thank you everyone, its good to have you along for the journey :)
    I love my mini friends sooooo much! xxxx

  4. ooh aah I am loving those colors! xxx

  5. Estas haciendo un fantastico trabajo, me encantan esos colores que has elegido.
    Va quedar preciosa.
    besitos ascension

  6. Thank you everyone, I love the colours too, they seem to work well I've got a bit further just not managed to update my blog yet... will get there soon, such a busy life lol.
    G x